Put Social Media Optimisation to work for you!

The Market Yourself Group

can help your business with the incredible phenomenon of social media. Using social media to
increase the number of unique visitors to your site is a proven and cost-effective way of increasing business.

The Market Yourself Group

areSocial Media Optimisation (SMO) specialists. We employ SMO techniques either as part of an
overall marketing program or as a separate, more-focused campaign.

Effective SMO techniques can lead to viral marketing. It encourages people to talk about your business online,
rapidly spreading information about your goods and services through a variety of different mediums.

While many of our competitors offer SMO services placing postings on the typical social media sites such as
Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, at The Market Yourself Group we conduct a thorough
analysis to identify a variety of micro and satellite blogs as well as social media sites specifically for your business.
By utilising constant flow of fresh content including bookmarking, status updating, video sharing and other
friend-to-friend online communication methods, you benefit from greater online exposure, which also
leads to improved search engine results.

The Market Yourself Group

realise that SMO efforts are always in a state of evolution and we are evolving with them to provide you
with unending benefits, including incredible content portability where your message is on the move and
not limited to single static web pages. When your message is transmitted throughout a variety of social
media devices it is similar to one person recommending you to another.

We know that search engines love ‘inbound’ links because these indicate confidence in your site. Therefore,
the more sources linking to you, the greater the confidence search engines develop in your site and in its ability to
provide relevant content. This also boosts your search engine rankings.

The Market Yourself Group

can produce video content that, although presented by video-centric sites like YouTube, is credited to you with
the necessary links back to your site.